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Welcome to Davison Veterinary Care - West Bridgford Surgery

As a family owned practice we have a reputation for giving a caring service.

We treat cats and dogs and small furries such as hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs.

We have a high level of equipment including an in-house blood machine, x-ray machine, ultrasound scanner, endoscopy and cryosurgery.

The care of our patients is a top priority, and as such we use top of the range anaesthetic and monitoring for patient safety and always give pain relief for operations.


We do routine neutering at 6 months for cats. Davison Veterinary Care believe in neutering bitches after their first season.

Pet Nutrition

We are happy to give advice on pet nutrition. Davison Veterinary Care stock a selection of recommended pet foods.

Pet Holidays

Thinking of taking your pets on holiday? You need to get pet passports and export certificates in order for them to travel with you.

Please telephone us plenty of time in advance so we can advise you of the up to date requirements.


To keep a pet's flea problems under control cats can be given a six monthly injection. For dogs treatment can be given using monthly spot-on products.


Animals need treating particularly during the season from April/June and September/October. If you are regularly walking in Peak District or visiting a tick area such as Norfolk or the Scottish Highlands this is highly recommended.


We successfully treat a number of cats and dogs with joint problems or back pain using this technique.


We strongly recommend insurance as ever increasing technology has lead to spiraling costs. When choosing, check different policies carefully for exclusions. Remember that some policies will only cover a condition for up to one year.

All invoices have to be paid on the day of treatment to keep our fees lower. We can take most debit and credit cards except American express.

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Our customers at Davison Veterinary Care have ranked us 4.9 out of 5 in a total of 32 reviews.